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Assistant Teaching Professor
Department of Philosophy, CMU
2022 – present
Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor
Department of Philosophy, CMU
2021 – 2022
Special Faculty

Department of Philosophy, CMU

  • Teaching & Linguistic Pedagogy (2019 – 2021)

  • Adjunct (2018 – 2019)

  • Visiting scholar (Instructor) (2014 – 2018)


Ph.D.  Cornell University, Department of Linguistics, 2018

M.A.   University of Toronto, Department of Linguistics, 2008

B.Sc.   University of Toronto, Mathematics & Linguistics, 2007

Presentations, & Professional activities

Bjorndahl, C. and Gibson, M. (2022) "C.A.R.E. Framework for Undergraduate Research.” Submitted to Language: Teaching Linguistics.

“Small teaching toward justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in linguistics” [session co- organizer and presenter], Linguistic Society of America 2022 Annual Meeting Organized Session. January 2022.


“Tackling Language Prejudice in the Introductory Linguistics Classroom.” Linguistic Society of America 2022 Annual Meeting Organized Session: Public Understanding of Linguistics. (Invited by organizers of session; proposal for session peer reviewed). January 2022.

“Scholarly Teaching in the Age of Covid-19 and Beyond” [session co-organizer and panelist ], Linguistic Society of America 2021 Annual Meeting Organized Session. January 2021.  Poster viewable at:

2020–2021: Awarded CMU's Provost's Inclusive Teaching Fellowship, to diversify course content

Summer 2020: Collaboration on resource page for the Linguistic Society of America, with Faculty Learning Community on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning for Linguists, viewable at:

Summer 2020: Implementing Eberly Center Signature Course initiative for 80-180 Nature of Language to develop online materials to enhance existing courses as part of CMU's COVID-19 response, with Mandy Simons and Thomas Werner

July 2020: Organizing satellite workshop at LabPhon 17: Pedagogical Approaches to Laboratory Phonology, with Mark Gibson and Jonathan Howell

2019–2020: Member of the inaugural Faculty Learning Committee, part of the NSF-funded, Linguistic Society of America initiative in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

May 2019: "Laboratory in the Phonetics/Phonology Classroom". Manchester Phonology Meeting, Fringe Session, 'Teaching Phonology: State of the Art', (presentation) May 22, 2019.

(with Mark Gibson)

Eberly Center Teaching & Learning Summits

"Using Gradescope to streamline grading in large classes". (Technology Enhanced Learning Demonstration) Eberly Center 2018 Teaching & Learning Summit

"How Can You Use Active Learning And iClickers To Make A Large Lecture Feel Like A Small Class?".  (Quickfire Interactive Talks) Eberly Center 2017 Teaching & Learning Summit


Bjorndahl, C. (2022). “Voicing and frication at the phonetics-phonology interface: An acoustic study of English, Greek, Serbian, and Russian.” The Journal of Phonetics.

Bjorndahl, C. (2015). "The Phonetics and phonology of segment classification: A case study of /v/" In The Segment in Phonology and Phonetics, Cairns, C. and Raimy, E. (Eds.)

Bjorndahl, C. (2013). "Phonetic properties of [v] in Russian, Serbian and Greek" Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics 133 (3607)


Tilsen, S., Zec, D., Bjorndahl, C., Butler, B., L'Esperance, M., Fisher, A., Heimisdottir, L., Renwick, M., and Sanker, C. (2012). "A Cross-linguistic Investigation of Articulatory Coordination in Word-initial Consonant Clusters". Cornell Working Papers in Phonetics and Phonology 51–81.


Bjorndahl, C. and Karshon, Y. (2010) "Revisiting Tietze-Nakajima: local and global convexity for maps". Canadian Journal of Mathematics 62 (5), 975-993.

Presentations & Posters

"Manner matters: Fricatives block V-to-V coarticulation more than oral and nasal stops". (poster) Linguistics Society of America, January 2–5, 2020, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
(with Mark Gibson and Kade Stewart)

"Peering into the Obstruent-Sonorant Divide: The view from /v/''. (invited) North American Phonology Conference, May 4, 2018, Montreal, Canada


"The Typology of Voiced Spirants and the Emergence of [sonorant]". (presentation) Manchester Phonology Meeting, May 28, 2016, Manchester, UK. 

"Ambiguity at the Interface: Asymmetries in Voicing Assimilation and the Case of Russian /v/". (presentation) University of Pittsburgh Linguistics Department Colloquium, October 23, 2015, Pittsburgh, USA.

"Intermediacy, Ambiguity and Categorization at the Phonetics-Phonology Interface". (presentation) Carnegie Mellon Psychology Department Brown Bag (PAL), March 21, 2015, Pittsburgh, USA.

"Triggers and targets in voicing assimilation: The inevitability of Russian /v/". Montreal-Ottawa-Laval-Toronto Phonology and Phonetics Conference (MOLT 2015), March 13–15, 2015, Toronto, Canada.


"The cross-linguistic phonological and phonetic identity of /v/". 12th Old World Conference in Phonology (OCP 12), January 28–30, 2015, Barcelona, Spain.


"The phonetic properties of [v] in Russian, Serbian and Greek" 21st International Congress on Acoustics 2013 (ICA 2013) June 2–7, 2013, Montreal, Canada.


"The Phonology and Phonetics of Ambiguity: A Case Study of /v/". (poster) The 13th Conference on Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon 13), July 27-29, 2012, Stuttgart, Germany.